BIG MO, is a very successful singer, songwriter & musician. With more than 40 "hit songs" to his credit, several reaching #1, he has been awarded, "Soloist of the Year", "Songwriter of the Year", "Musician of the Year", along with numerous other accolades and awards. With more than 30 recordings to his credit, BIG MO, along with his family continue to travel nationwide touching the lives of many. Along with being a recording artist signed with "Tentop Music Group", he also produces several 
The PAYNES, are one of the most loved and respected gospel groups ever. Throughout the 80's & 90's, they were consistently topping the national charts with hit after hit. Including #1 songs like "Angels Step Back", "I'm a Jesus Fan", "Out of This World" along with many more "hit songs" reaching the top 10! Mike Payne is an amazing songwriter with countless songs to his credit, including one of the most memorable songs of all time, "When He Was on the Cross", which not only reached #1, but was "song of the year" 2 years in a row. Now serving as a pastor in Ohio, Mike Payne realized that the demand for their music was still great, as people kept requesting new music from this anointed family group. So, he contacted "BIG MO" to produce a new project for them, and now they are in possession of one of, if not the best CD they've ever done. Filled with great music, the new CD from "TenTop 
Music Group" is full of fantastic tracks, awesome vocals and wonderful new songs from the pen of one of the finest songwriters in the business!
The LESTERS, known as "St. Louis' First Family of Gospel Music", are well known for their soaring harmonies and amazing vocal talents. They have worked with BIG MO for many years. Recording in his studio, and singing many of his songs. In fact many years ago he was actually a member of the group.
The live cut of the classic "Jesus is Coming Soon" by the Lesters was a product of a live recording done by TenTop productions way back in the 1980s. However it was their hits, "Ain't God Good", "He Didn't Throw the Clay Away", "All the Gold in California", and so many more that has endeared them to so many fans all across the country. We are proud that they have chosen once again to team up with TenTop Music Group as their path to national radio on the company's radio compilation disc.
other artist as well for the label. He is also the owner of the company.