MILTON OSTRANDER, known to most as BIG MO has written hundreds of songs. Including several HIT songs, many reaching the coveted #1 position on the national charts! His songs have been recorded by most every major Gospel artist in the business, including: 
MO has 15 #1 songs to his credit and counting! He's also had numerous Top 40 hits, almost too many to count.

SYLVIA GREEN, is a powerful writer, and has had songs recorded by many of the top groups and artists in the business. Her amazing composition "HERE I AM" was recorded by the award winning HOPPERS, and was a landmark song that not only reached the #1 position, but was also song of the year. She is a major contributor to the material that the BRADYS record, of which she is also a member. She has enjoyed many HIT songs that have risen to the top of the charts nationwide.

MIKE PAYNE, has written many HIT songs including, "ANGELS STEP BACK", "I'M A JESUS FAN", & "WHEN HE WAS ON THE CROSS, I WAS ON HIS MIND", along with so many more. He is respected as one of Christian music's premier writers.
He owns his own publishing company, but is listed here because of his collaboration on several songs with BIG MO, and the songs they have written together have been co-published by TenTop Publishing Company.
​His family group has also recorded with the TenTop Music Group and their current release to radio is on the TenTop Music radio compilation disc.

JEREMY OSTRANDER, is the son of Big MO, and is following in his father's footsteps as a writer. He has cowritten several songs with his Dad, and with Mike Payne. Amoung those songs are "NOW I DON'T", "SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE", "OPENING SOON" all recorded by his father. He is a TenTop Publishing writer that is sure to make waves in the future. He has a great mind and feel for ideas that are thought provoking.

JUSTIN WELLS, is a new writer that has a very bright future in the business. He is a former a member of The LESTERS, St. Louis' First Family of Gospel Music. His freshman recording project with the LESTERS featured 2 songs from Justin's pen. His writing leans toward the future of the industry with a more progressive feel.

Of course there are many other writers that have songs published with TenTop Publishing, or have co-written with our writers, too many to name them all. However a few that we need to mention include, Ronnie Hinson, Marcia Henry, April Nye and more.